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quartzite slab


  • What is your "1 year warranty"?

       Natural stone and manmade material products come with a one          (1) year installation labor warranty only. No warranty of any kind             covering any natural stone material is implied or expressed.                    The warranty is issued only to the original purchaser once                      payment is made in full and is not transferable.

  • How do I clean my new countertops?

       Soap and water is best. If you feel the need for a cleaner, you will          want to use a non abrasive, ammonia free cleaner. We                            recommend  Bar Keepers Friend.

  • Do you have remnants for smaller projects?

       Yes! Absolutely we do. Come by to check the current selection             and let one of our team members help you find the perfect fit!

  • What's the difference between granite and quartz?

       Granite is a natural stone, like marble and quartzite. The slabs are

       produced from large mountain ranges so they come in a variety

       of color variations and designs. Heat resistant but a porous

       material so you will need to seal regularly (contact us for more

       information). Quartz is a manmade, engineered product. Highly

       favored for its stain and scratch resistant surface. Good for

       bathrooms and kitchens as it does not foster bacteria.

  • Can I hand pick my slabs?

       Most definitely! We suggest all our clients pick their own slabs              due to the color and pattern variations from one slab to the next.          If you don't find something at our location we have many                        preferred vendors you can visit and tag slabs to our                                  account. However, don't worry, if you're not able to our                            knowledgeable staff can find the perfect design to fit your                      specific project.

  • Do you offer financing?

       We do not offer in house financing but accept all major credit


  • What is general wait time for a kitchen remodel?

       Once design and materials are selected we will schedule a date

       to template. Final installation takes place within two weeks for

       most projects.

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

       We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

Professional. Beautiful work. Attention to detail. On time. These guys that did the install are great, and always go above and beyond. Recommend this company.

Judith W.

Central Stone and Tile has been an amazing company through-out our project. The entire staff is top notch and communication was timely and thorough. The workmanship is wonderful. It is without hesitation I recommend this company.

Carol Cronin K

The entire process was very smooth and easy, from templating to installation. Would highly recommend to anyone to go through Central Stone and Tile

Ryan P.

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